Thursday, August 26, 2010

new hall

So another day closer to graduation yes... Well classes are going well. I haven't done anything for them quite yet. Loving the new Wiliamson Hall.
A couple of cool aspect of the Williamson Hall
-Showers on the 3 floor restrooms
-Better Computers bigger monitors
-The large projector projecting the news on the open part of the first and second floor
-Dual flush toilets
-Comfy chairs in the open area of the first floor
-Some classes have dual projectors

A couple of things where improvements can be made
-The so called Shwabel cafe has no food vendor?
-Can't really think of anything else :)

If anyone wants to comment about the new Williamson Hall comment here. I will send this to the YSU twitter page.


  1. Not sure of the purpose of the showers on 3rd floor... I would hope the students and faculty would come in already showered. It isn't a gym locker room...

    I do agree about the food vendor. I had my first class, a night class, there the other day and figured I would get something to eat when I got there. Only there is no food there (besides a couple well-hidden vending machines that do not accept credit cards -- a few in Kilcawley do!)

    Also, they need to finish paving or building or doing whatever it is they are doing to the lot in front and across the street. No sidewalk and having to walk around those buildings is a bit annoying.

  2. agree with your comments. thanks for posting.